Hello I'm

Trupti Desale

Web Developer & Programmer


I have spent much of my life around computers. As a computer engineer, I have worked with multinational companies like Capgemini Consulting Services India and Cognizant Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India in my roles as a system administrator and system support analyst.

My other passion however is the beauty and charm of art. Since moving to my new home in Saskatoon, in the beautiful heart of the Canadian prairies, I have focused my energies to marry my two passions, computers and art, and turn my creative mind to the field of website development.


Open to offers


Computer Engineer

Job Type

Full/Part Time


Web Developement


Ready to Relocate

Lives in

Saskatoon, Canada

Areas of Expertise

  • Responsive Front End UI Development
  • WordPress theme development
  • End user support and troubleshooting
  • Performance Improvement Management
  • Possessing extensive technical and consulting experience


Like most children, my school days were filled with academic learning but my greater joy was felt when I was creating art through drawing and painting. When I left school though, I did not leave behind my passion for creating art. While studying computer engineering on my path to a career in the IT sector I caught glimpses of how the world of art could be incorporated in the computer sector to create beautiful and effective websites. Although I didn’t follow this path, it was never far from my mind.

When my husband made the move from India to Canada to pursue his Ph.D. I saw this new adventure as an opportunity to shift my focus to a new path.

Through online courses from udemy.com and coursera.com I immersed myself in learning the intricacies of web technologies. It allowed me to couple them with my artistic vision and be able to create beautiful, clean and functional web pages. Becoming proficient in Bootstrap gave me the ability to make my creations responsive on all platforms and devices and learning to convert them into Wordpress themes makes for dynamic and user friendly websites that my clients can easily learn to manage and control themselves.

Working closely with my clients helps me to better understand their needs and helps them to grow their business to greater heights. This gives me joy and is one of many reasons that I love what I do. Let me help you make your work just a little easier and joyful.